Best Restaurants in Dimapur (2020) by Newto Awomi

There are many Top Restaurants in Dimapur where you can go to eat and drink with your friends and family. But as we all know that the Pandemic has closed down everything and has stopped us from gathering in large number.

Many foodies are out there craving for their favourite food since the Coronavirus Pandemic has forced the city into lockdowns.

Now, things have changed and you may still not be able to go out, but you can order anything from…

Top Restaurants in Dimapur

I have listed the best restaurants in Dimapur which offer great customer and delivery services based on my own personal experience.

Let’s get started!!!

1. Barbeque Nation Dimapur

Location: GBC-16, Block No.9 Saviour Ministry Building, 3rd Floor, Near Police Point, Opposite SBI.

This place doesn’t need any introduction since it’s one of the best restaurants in Dimapur. Barbeque Nation is a great place for Grill and Buffet.

The reason why I’ve placed this in the first spot is, a live grill is placed on your table and the staffs are really kind and helpful. It’s inexpensive and you’ll get to eat fish, prawn, chicken, mutton, sweets, Kulfi, ice cream, Gulab jamun and much more then hop on and enjoy the delicious barbecues.

The place is almost like a live kitchen where you can prepare a food for yourself. I’m not saying customers are made to cook for themselves but they can do some basic cooking stuffs in this place.


barbeque nation our nagaland
At Barbeque Nation

barbeque nation

2. Nagaland Coffee Shop

Location: 1st Floor, Next to Dominos Pizza, Circular Road N.S.T. Colony. 

If you’re a coffee lover then you should visit Nagaland Coffee Shop in Dimapur. It is one of the most highly rated coffee shops in the state of Nagaland. Here you will be getting almost every type of coffee and the place is also well lit and offers a pleasant ambience.

One unique thing about this restaurant is that, all the coffee that you’ll get to drink is sourced from Nagaland. By visiting this cafe, you will be able to taste the drink made by a coffee expert.

In this cafe, you’ll be able to try the delicious Naga coffee. I’m not so sure about it, but I heard that they also send their produce to South Africa.

And it is said that the majority of its supplies come from Zunheboto. Therefore, the Nagaland Coffee Shop is the cafe that you should surely visit.


nagaland coffee shop

restaurants in Dimapur

3. Ili-Ah

Location: Aiko Greens, Purana Bazar.

Located inside Aiko Greens, Ili-Ah is a family restaurant where you’ll get to eat and drink anything based on your preference. A place known for the famous Tree House, offers a great service and the staffs are so friendly and helpful. The advantage of visiting this place is that, you not only get to eat but you’ll also be able to walk around Aiko Greens after you’ve finished eating.


View of Ili-Ah Restaurant

restaurants in Dimapur

aiko greens

4. Herbs and Spices

Location: Kikon Place 1st Floor DC Court Junction Duncan Bosti.

Herbs and Spices Dimapur provides you with a lively environment, excellent service and most importantly, good food. This is definitely a place you’ll be coming back for more. The restaurant offers a creative menu and leaves no customer disappointed.


herbs and spices
Herbs and Spices Dimapur

herbs and spices

5. Bangkok Cafe & Cuisine

Location: Near Green Park 5th Mile.

One of the best place in terms of ambient environment, Bangkok Cafe & Cuisine is the restaurant you’d want to visit with your loved ones. It offers the best Thai cuisine in Dimapur. The options are mostly non-veg and you’ll also get huge varieties of soft drinks here.


bangkok cafe dimapur
Photo: Bangkok Cafe & Cuisine

Bangkok cafe and cuisine

6. Smokey Joe’s Restaurant and Grill

Location: Middle Colony, Purana Bazar.

The Smokey Joe’s Restaurant and Grill is a place that will surely satisfy your hunger. The place is a heaven for those who love Naga cuisine with an international twist. They make sure that one has a great food experience by providing healthy and tasty food.


restaurants in Dimapur
© Smokey Joe’s Restaurant and Grill

Smokey Joe's

Smokey Joe's


This article about the best restaurants in Dimapur was submitted by Newto Awomi.

The list above is clearly based on my personal experience so I’m sure not everybody will be satisfied but I’ll keep on updating this post so that you’ll get a better informations.

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