Cook Pork With Bamboo Shoot in 3 Simple Steps

This article will teach you how to cook Pork with Bamboo Shoot in the easiest way possible. This dish is enjoyed mostly by the Lotha Nagas but it is also popular among many other tribes. 


  1. Pork.
  2. Bamboo shoot.
  3. Tomatoes.
  4. Black peppers.
  5. Chillies/paste.
  6. Ginger.

pork with bamboo shoot

How to cook Pork with Bamboo Shoot

There steps to cook the dish:

Step 1

First of all we take pork with more of the red part.

Cut the tomatoes into pieces.

Put the raw pork into a pressure cooker.

Now you can add the tomatoes.

And then the black pepper.

Add salt for taste.

Then, add water.

Close the lid and set on flame.

pork with bamboo shoot

Step 2

Take a container to cook Pork.

Put the dry chilies in some hot water for them to soften.

Cut the ginger into long strands.

Next we grind the chilies in a mortar.

Add the chili paste that you have grounded.

Now, add bamboo shoot, 3 to 4 spoons.

Same amount of Ginger and Chili Paste.

Cut the boiled pork into pieces.

Naga cuisine

Step 3

Put the pork in the water which was used to boil the pork.

Boil it in a low flame.

Now add the chili paste.

Then add the bamboo shoot.

Now add the ginger.

Then finally add the pork.

And let it boil and reduce a little.

Here is the final dish.

pork and bamboo shoot

You can enjoy the curry with rice.


This Pork With Bamboo Shoot recipe has been take from a YouTube video. We will try our very best to contact the well known chefs from Nagaland for the recipes of famous Naga Cuisines.

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Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

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