Dreamz Unlimited’s iconic Trio


Dreamz Unlimited’s Iconic Trio of Imkongchuba, Tiasunep and Areinsa a.k.a, Rev. Fredericks, Night Creeper and Kholar Baba respectively is undoubtedly the fan favourite. It’s not to say that the other casts are less talented but the trio holds a special place in every fans heart.

When these three takes the stage, we can’t help but admire how well they, as a team have gelled together over the years and delivered the messages that we need the most.


Shoutout to Bokavi Swu . Even though he’s not a part of Dreamz Unlimited anymore he has played a vital role.

Know Them

Note: This article has been taken from The NorthEast Window. You can read about other casts through their article.



Tiasunep is known for his character Night-Creeper at the famous viral video “The Demand” produced by Dreamz Unlimited. He hails from Merangkong Village under Langpangkong Range, Mokokchung. He is the eldest in the family and has 3 younger siblings. He is a B.Com student. When asked about his inspiration, he mentioned on looking up to many people from where he draws his inspiration from. His favorite actor is Johnny Depp, as he likes his versatile nature. Initially his family was against his passion in acting but now they are very positive about it. He received good feedbacks from his fans about his acting in the video “Adoption”. Leaving a keynote, he encouraged the viewers and the readers to keep on supporting Dreamz Unlimited and ended with a message to all his fans, “never stop doing what you love”.



Imkongchuba famously known as the Rev. Fredrick’s from “The Demand” and Uncle Ato from “Nana- a tale of us” . He has been acting and doing dramas in his colony during Christmas and New Year. A naturally talented actor and a comedian who undoubtedly adds up the spice needed to the team, mentioned on how he look up to his dad, a very good comedian himself, as his inspiration . Chuba is from Chungtia Village under Mokokchung. During his school days he loved kick-boxing, dancing and martial art. He has done more than 50+ YouTube videos

Areinsa Longchar


He is one actor who blends very well with the role of Uncle or a Father Character. Fans knows him by the name “Kholar Papa”. He is from Sungratsu village under Mokokchung district. He mentioned on how he gets his motivation everyday from his parents as the seed of inspiration. Initially, acting and performing theatre was not encouraged by his parents as he is the only son in his family, adding to which, the film/drama scenario in Nagaland is very poor. But eventually, with much dedication and afford, he got the support of his parents and his dedication made his parents his biggest fans.

His hobbies include giving tuition to the young students, singing and definitely watching movies. Over the past experiences, he is learning that not all viewers are the same, there are good as well as bad feedback. But working professionally, he has learned to take the criticisms constructively. His first video was about “IBM Job” where he plays the father and Chuba his son. Fun fact about that video is that, it was shot without any re-takes.

When asked what message he would liked to give to his fans, he replied by saying, what we are today is because of the Church, we all have been performing in church drama, skits activities which had boost us our confidence and the platform”, he encourages everyone to stick to the church and try to grab every opportunity.

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