Echognize – Talented Rapper From Dimapur, Nagaland

Ronald Meckhrii a.k.a Echognize is a rapper, song writer, and a YouTuber from Dimapur. Echognize’s musical journey began when he was a teenager and is now one-of-a-kind artist making a statement in the rap scene in Nagaland.

He continues to shape his signature style with inspiring and poetic rhymes.

He was born in March, 1994 and he us currently pursuing Digital Marketing in Mumbai.

A talented artiste who has been who has been writing his own verses since 12. He is currently signed with a Dimapur based record label “PRODG’S“.

Echognize performing

His works

He has a YouTube Channel ‘Echognize‘ which has been viewed over 100k. His track titled, “The Lazarus Effect” is the most viewed video on his Channel with more than 50k views.

He is a member and also the founder of 8MICs (Crew of Rappers from Dimapur. I’ll talk more about 8MICs in the future). Their video titled, “Dimapur Rap Cypher” was a massive success with well over 500k views and it is one of the most viewed rap videos in Nagaland.

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Conversation with Echognize

I asked him some questions and he was more than happy to answer my questions.
Let’s see what we talked about!
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Q. What’s your date of birth and where did you study?
A: I was born on March , 1994 and I was pursuing Digital Marketing in Bombay.

Q. When did you start rapping?
A: It was back in High School and that’d b3 around 2010

Q. Who do you wanna collaborate with?
A: Any Member of the PRODG’S and for those who are new to the term, PRODG’S is a Record Label based in Dimapur.

Q. Who inspires you the most?
A: All the members of the New York based Rap crew- The Wu Tang Clan.

Q. Do you face difficulties while making music?
A: Yeah! Most of the time. Writer’s block is a common thing for writers like me.

Q. How do you react when someone criticize you?
A: I welcome criticism. It’s the only thing that drives me towards perfections.

Q. You have a YouTube channel and you perform a lot so how much do you earn monthly?
A: So far, zero earnings. Right now! I’m focusing more on improving my style, gather listeners and deliver better quality music. Money ain’t a motive at the moment.

Q. Would you like to say something to your followers and fans?
A: To anyone who tuned in at one point on another, I’d like to say, “Keep supporting like you’ve always done. Y’all make me worth something and I’ll try not to disappoint.”

echognize song

Final Note

Echognize is without a doubt, one of the most talented rappers who has been blessed with the ability amazing people with his works.

I would like to thank brother Ronald for being a part of my blog.
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