The Emergence of Rap Music in Nagaland


In contrast to other genres, Rap Music in Nagaland appeared somewhat late, with its development practically underground for the last numerous years. However, the rising subculture keeps on being one that draws the consideration of the youthful and disappointed populace in the State.

Some notable rappers

Kindly note that this list is not based on popularity but rather a random pick.

Moko Koza

Moko Koza

Moko Koza is one youthful artist introducing another hymn for foundation of hip hop culture in Nagaland. Moko Koza has been rapping in English, Nagamese and Tenyidie on the financial and political real factors in Nagaland. ‘Puisa’, one of the most famous tunes of Moko Koza, pummels on the fixation on cash in Naga society. At some point (Khunhie Puo), Koza’s first single in his own dialect, is one tune that most youth can identify with. The dissatisfaction of being a mistake to one’s folks, but then guaranteeing the expectation of accomplishment one day.



Macnivil is considered as one of the pioneers in the local Hip Hop scene in Nagaland.
With stage name Macnivil, Martin Longkumer is a rapper who grew up tuning in to his father’s assortment of old works of art.
More into the hip hop kind of music.

Macnivil says, “music for me is solace, it enables me to find refuge, a platform where I can share my story and voice out opinions and above all, it is like an art that I want to fall in love with all over again.”
Like most rappers, Macnivil who likewise rehearses before the mirror. As of late, he released his official music video ‘Wait For Me’ which has gained over 350k views on YouTube.
His single “Fire In My Soul,” a collaboration with Naga Beatz, from the collection was released a year ago. The singer is one of the pioneers of emergence of rap music in Nagaland.

Psycho K4

Psycho K4

Meet Hiboka K Chishi, a Dimapur-based rapper who was a finalist on the Voice of Nagaland season II in 2015. Chishi, who is commonly known by his stage name – Psycho K4, was previously a member of a Dimapur rap team ‘8mics.’
Psycho K4 with his recently established crew, “Psycho Gang Legacy,” expects to contact gifted individual rappers who are at go across streets to clear ways and assist them with uncovering their gifts.

Psycho K4’s song titled, ” Hybrid ” is a massive success which has gained more than 100k views in just 2 months. It’s showing no sign of slowing down and is only going to go even farther. In this song, he rapped in three dialects showing how talented he is. He surely is making the rap music in Nagaland an interesting music genre.


rap music in Nagaland


Echognize, whose real name is Ronald Meckhrii is a rapper from Dimapur. Echognize’s musical journey began when he was a teenager and is now one-of-a-kind artist making a statement in the rap scene in Nagaland. He continues to shape his signature style with inspiring and poetic rhymes. A talented artiste who has been who has been writing his own verses since 12. He is currently signed with a Dimapur based record label “PRODG’S“.

LC Sekhose

rap music in Nagaland

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LC Sekhose with a fantasy about serving began his melodic excursion in the year 2009 when he composed his first line during his secondary school days. He is one of the few up and coming rappers of Nagaland who wishes to celebrate the Lord through his raps. His presentation “Always” composed and created without anyone else discusses a clamour to the individuals for an adjustment in our very own life. The rapper says, “I always wanted to bring change or to encourage others for a change in our society.” The melody is delivered by a Shillong based maker, Ban Jay King from Cryptographic. Roused by numerous rappers around the world, Sekhose says Eminem was the person who affected his music life the most.

TS Geneses

rap music in Nagaland
Geneses performing

TS Geneses is an established Rapper and song writer from Kohima who has been rapping and writing songs from a very young age. He performs a unique form of rap which makes him special.

He is managed by a label called Naga Twist Productions and has produced some hit songs.

Sudu Rhax

Sudu Rhax is another young and talented hip hop singer from Dimapur, Nagaland. He is currently studying at Tetso College, Dimapur. The Naga rapper occasionally performs at important college events and has given many concerts. Sudu Rhax is one rapper that you should keep your eyes on.


The Rap music in Nagaland has made a little foundation in the state lately with the individuals really valuing this genre and grasping it. With the correct training, rap music will soon be considered as one of the significant genre in our state as well. Rap Music in Nagaland is an alternate story dissimilar to its inceptions. The class has been grasped by both the favoured and oppressed in the state.

While the famous music class has likewise evoked a dubious social wonder. It relies upon the rapper. How he decides to do with his music. It can either be vicious or can be utilized as an apparatus to communicate cognizance among the individuals.

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