Hentick Konyak – Nagaland’s Finest Hindi Singer

Hentick Konyak is a talented singer from Naginimora, Mon who has been singing Hindi songs from a very young age.

He grew up in a community of Hindi speaking police personals who helped him in singing and writing Hindi songs. In 2011, he represented Nagaland in Northeast Highway Star Voice Hunt finishing as one of the finalists. He also won the award for the Best Pop Song in Music Awards of Nagaland, 2018.

hentick konyak
Hentick Konyak performing

His Works

Hentick has been performing for more than 5 years now and he has won praises from people all over the region.

Blessed with a melodious voice, he surely has set his name as one of the greatest Hindi singers in Nagaland.

YouTube Channel

He has a YouTube Channel with 13k subscribers and more than 600k views. You can checkout the channel if you want to listen to Hentick Konyak Songs.

His song titled, “Ilomi” was a massive success having a view count of nearly 200k at the moment and it’s so far the most popular video on his channel.

Hentick Konyak songs

He also won the award for his song titled, “Lamha“.

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Interview with Hentick Konyak

I had an online chat session with brother Hentick Konyak and he humbly answered all my questions. Let’s look at what he has to say….

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Question: What’s your date of birth and where did you studied?
Hentick: I was born in 14th of march 1991. Well, I did my schooling and Higher Sec. education in my home town (Naginimora, Mon) and had to move Dimapur for degree education at Eastern Christian College.

Question: When did you start singing?
Hentick: Back then, I grew up listening recorder where my dad often play a cassette like CCR, ABBA and some Bollywood too. Since at very tender age I was able to follow up many songs and slowly I made it into practical by tuning in with a guitar. Actually, I took an inspiration from my dad.

hentick konyak songs
With Prashant Tamang

Question: Who do you wanna collaborate with?
Hentick: There are many artists in Nagaland whom I wanna collaborate ? But sadly my genre turns out to be different by choosing Hindi music ? But it will be my dream come true if I get a chance to collaborate with some of my favourite Bollywood singers like Jubin, KK, Mohit Chauhan and list go on ?

Question: Who inspires you the most?
Hentick: As I have mentioned earlier that I took an inspiration from my dad. I grew up watching him plays some musical instruments in his leisure time, which grab my attention to be a musician in future ?

Question: Do you face difficulties while making music?
Hentick: Of course, Yes! It’s not an easy to be a musician especially here in Nagaland. Since we don’t have such music industry in our state, it’s just next to impossible to survive with music. In short, Ones has to be morally strong and prepared.

Question: How do you react when someone criticize you?
Hentick: I mostly welcome critics with open Heart and take them positively. Actually they boost me to go further and better.

Question: You have a YouTube channel and you perform alot so how much do you earn monthly?
Hentick: State like us, Earning is a seasonal. There is no such fixed source of income.

Question: Would you like to say something to your followers and fans?
Hentick: I really thank my fans and followers for supporting me throughout my musical journey. I’m really grateful and blessed to be around with such humble people. Keep supporting our local artists so that we can deliver a good music to you.

“Choosing your profession may be a tough decision, but if you are truly dedicated then no one can stop you from achieving your dreams”.

hentick konyak songs

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