Jamir Vlogs – Inspiring people through vlogging

You may have heard about Jamir Vlogs if you are from Nagaland or has seen his videos on YouTube.

Lanulemba Jamir a.k.a Jamir Vlogs is a YouTuber from Unger Village, Mokokchung District.

He lives in Kohima, Nagaland and is inspiring people through his vlogs.
His contents ranges from Vlogging, Food Reviews to Travel videos.

He has successfully completed his Civil Engineering from Assam Downtown University.

jamir vlogs
Lanulemba Jamir

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His YouTube Channel

Jamir shared his first video on 17th December, 2018 with little to no subscribers and today he has grown into a well know YouTuber in the state of Nagaland.

His famous video titled, “Life of a beggar in Nagaland” was a massive success earning him more than 400k views and it is so far the most watched video on his channel.

As of now, Jamir Vlogs has more than 70k subscribers on YouTube making him one of the most subscribed YouTubers in Nagaland.

jamir vlogs instagram

Interview with Jamir Vlogs

I did an online interview with @lanulemba_jamir on Instagram and asked him some questions. Let’s scroll down below and see what he has to say..

Q. What inspired you to create a YouTube Channel “Jamir Vlogs”?

Lanu: Since childhood I loved to travel, experience new things and helping others so I find YouTube a great platform to achieve my hobbies.

 Q. Who is that one YouTuber you wanna collaborate with?

Lanu: I want to collaborate with Harald Haldar.

 Q. Do you face any difficulties while Vlogging?

Lanu: Still now I haven’t faced any difficulties in making my videos, everyone around me is being supportive and kind to me.

Q. Any suggestions or encouragement for those aspiring to be a YouTuber like you?

Lanu: Never give up because great things always begin with a humble beginning.

Q. Are you planning to make Youtube as your career?

Lanu: I’m not sure myself wether I will make YouTube my career.. It’s all in God’s hand.

Q. Anything you wanna say to your subscribers and followers?

Lanu: For my audience, always be humble and be kind, life is shot and live life with no regrets because there’s no medicine for regrets.
And my last message will be, let’s not forget to put God in number one place in whatever you do.

jamir vlogs

Final Words

Wishing Jamir Vlogs all the very best for the future and may the almighty God bless you with good health and successes.

Thank you for reading. Please share this post with your friends and families. Your little help will help me grow even farther.

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