Jpollnd – Naga YouTuber and a Talented Rapper.


Pauheikobe Putlang, prominently known as JPollnd is a Naga YouTuber and a Rapper from Peren District, currently living in Dimapur. 

Date of Birth: 14/12/1996
Place of Birth: Tesen, Peren
He belongs to the Zeliang Community.


He studied at North Town Higher Secondary School and later on at Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, Dimapur.

After completing his higher secondary, he joined Sazolie College, Jotsoma.


His work

He has a YouTube channel which has well over 50k Subscribers as of February, 2021. In my opinion, he is Nagaland’s very own PewDiePie because of his ability to put in sarcasm, witty one liners in any situation and he is also a good rapper and an entertainer. (I started loving his contents when I saw his reaction video on Tetseo Sisters’ Cover, more like a parody).

Jpollnd – Die a Legend (2021)

Jpollnd Die a Legend

Jpollnd in collaboration with Z World has released a new music video titled, ” Die a Legend “. The song is getting praises from fans all over Nagaland as well as from other parts of the world.

The main attraction of this Official Music Video is how well the video has been made. And this video along with Psycho K4’s Hybrid, are easily two of the best Naga Music Videos in terms of Cinematography.

Jpollnd Die a Legend Lyrics

Hook (Z World) :

Die a legend

Pain got nothing on a fighter like me

Imma die a legend

Word on my momma  imma make it best believe.

(Yeah) die a legend

Lost too many people I don’t even wanna grieve

Imma die a legend

Die a legend.

Verse-1 (Z World)

Balling since a yungin,

Did a lotta wrongs now I’m tryna amend it

Battled on my own, never need a medic

Scars on my heart but I wear it like a trophy 

 Its  ride or die for my homies 

Ain’t gotta say shit, all of them they know me 

Always do it large never do it petty 

(Never do it petty) yeah 

I’m  tryna make a better world for my brothers

Show them how to  dream so they can turn tables 

Married to the game, all my feelings disabled

Legend in the making,you gonna learn our  fables

Foods on ma plate that’s enough  what’s poppin

Homies got ma back that’s what’s up  no cappin

Put the city on the map you know we legit

 lotta snakes in the grass but we still keep it G

Hook (Z World)

Die a legend

Pain got nothing on a fighter like me

Imma die a legend

Word on my momma, imma make it best believe

Yeah die a legend

Lost too many people i don’t even wanna grieve

Imma die a legend

Yeah, Die a legend.

Verse-2 (JPollnd) 

No I’m not a white boy

Neither am I black (huh)

I don’t play around with no toys

But I still got the swag(huh)

There is no denying the fact 

That I’mma put my city on the map(huh)

So it’s Time to pull the mask off

Put all these clowns back to the circus

And watch them run around in circles

Took a step back just to leap on the next Ground

So now you know who’s the bad man (Batman)

Yah I did it for attention

But no pages mentioned me

I did it on my own, while you busy typing on your phone

You try to critique me? Bitch I can understand the tone

Stop pretending like you own me, (nah nah you don’t)!

You owe me, huh!

I got so much balls So I shot for three

Like Stephen curry? No, just like me

If I buy one of you, I get y’all for free

So many shots but none of that ever got to me

Hook ( Z World & JPollnd)

Die a legend

Pain got nothing on a fighter like me

Imma die a legend

Word on my momma  imma make it best believe

(Yeah) die a legend

Lost too many people I don’t even wanna grieve

Imma die a legend

Die a legend.

Check JPollnd’s Social Media Accounts

You can follow JPollnd on Instagram. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Interview with JPollnd

The folks at Our Northeast recently had a conversation with JPollnd on Instagram. Let’s see what he has to say.

Q. Who are the YouTubers that inspires you ?

JPollnd : “I watch David Dobrik, PewDiePie.

But Mr. Beast is all time, all time Favourite human”

Q. Your Favourite YouTuber from Nagaland?

JPollnd: “Ummmm… From Nagaland I do watch Dreamz Unlimited, Lolo Ezung.”

Q. When is your new video coming up?

JP: “New Video.

Ah! Kinda working on it Right now.

Actually, I am writing some songs right now so it may take a while to get it done.
But yes, will be back real soon.”

Q. Who is that one YouTuber that you would like to collaborate?

JP: “Umm…
Hello Mr. Beast.
Can we? I know I ain’t got resources like you but can we Haha.”

Q. What are the difficulties that you face in making videos?

JPollnd: “To be really honest.
Communication/Speaking skills, I suck at it.
I mean, sometimes I have lots to express but I can’t just bring it out, I literally run out of words. My Vocabulary bank is so low.
Like, SO LOW. I’m trying to Learn more.

And the other thing would be,
Sometimes you really need a camera assistant.
And a yes man.. Haha”

Q. Who is your favourite rapper/singer?

JP: “Lyrically, Eminem.

Bruno mars use to me my fav.
Now, I listen to anything catchy.

Q. So do you have a girlfriend?

JP: “Some girls be mad after i posted a video with a friend Girl not a Girlfriend.”

Q. Do you play online games?

JP: “Yeah, i use to play a lot of Mobile Games.

After joining YouTube, Not much.
But I do alot of PUBG these days.”

Q. Will you take YouTube as a fulltime career?

JP: “Really wish to.

But you know, its not easy and right now, only time can tell.
YouTube is a good platform for a person with an interest like mine.
But It needs a lot of time, hard-working and dedications to be able to work it out. But once you make it, life is going to be a lot easier.

Hoping for the best. Fingers Crossed.”

Q. Any message for your supporters?

Jpollnd: “Yes Of course.

Words alone cannot express how grateful I am to every single of you, Really.

Thanks you all so much for the massive love and support all this time.
You guys helped me become a better person and I will not fail you guys, that’s a promise!
Thanks for your understanding.
Will always need the same Love and support to help myself and help those people in need. And we are gonna do this together okay FAM. Fighting ”


Alright guys that’s a wrap for this post about JPollnd. Hard work is the key to success, and he has worked so hard to get to where he is now. Show some love by sharing!

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