Recalling My One Day Trip To Khonoma Village

Khonoma Village

Khonoma Village is in the Kohima District of Nagaland located just around 20 Kms from the state capital city of Kohima. It is a beautiful village covered with green forests and scenic mountains.

Welcome sign

If there is to be a green town, then it has to be in the mountains and that is exactly where Khonoma is in the mountains. With an estimated budget of 3 Crores as part of the Green Village Project, all the roofs in this village were painted green.

(This article was submitted by Anthony Smith on 20/09/2020.)

My views about Khonoma Village

I visited this village back in  2016 and boy it was a great day!

About 20 kilometers from Kohima, India’s first green town, Khonoma Village, is situated in the middle of mountains, surrounded by rice fields. It was a dusty ride from Kohima to Khonoma. We crossed a small stream of water, with some old and antique trucks placed side by side to get to Khonoma. And this is an eco village.

khonoma village
View of Khonoma Village

They do everything here to protect the environment. That’s why it’s so lush and beautiful. So there’s no hunting. You can’t cut down trees. Everything is done organically, all the farming around here. You can’t hurt the environment here. It’s all meant to be kept pristine and this is quite similar to one of the philosophies in New Zealand but they’re trying to be nice and clean and green here. That’s kind of one of New Zealand’s mottos but… I think this place is gonna be a little more cleaner, a little bit greener than New Zealand.



What I got to eat here?

Okay so a very quick food tour of a Nagaland village. You have Maggi, You have Wai Wai which is the same thing as Maggi, just slightly different flavoring. And then you have rice with chicken or rice with pork and Galho. Galho is.. it’s like soup and rice mixed together. It’s like rice-y porridge. And most importantly smoked pork, a tasty delicacy.

The cleanest village

The cleanest village I’ve ever seen. This village is very green literally. And you just get this feeling of serenity and peacefulness here. I don’t know what that is. You get that in a lot of villages actually but this one, I guess because it’s up in the mountains, you just feel like you’re stuck in the middle of beautiful massive mountains. And it’s just idyllic here, possibly the only Indian village with dustbins everywhere.

Khonoma Kohima


And actually the cleanness of this village adds to that idyllic feel too. You feel like you are somewhere else when a place is so clean and beautiful like this village or like… You are like this is what Nagaland should be like. Nagaland is a paradise. We just need to get rid of some of the rubbish.
What a village guys! This is the most beautiful village and clean village that I’ve ever been to in my life.
You can see what life is like to live in this village.

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