Kinito Awomi – The Underated Photographer

Kinito Awomi ia a Lifestyle Photographer from Zunheboto who accepts that “Recollections stays just in pictures.”

And he additionally says that, “At whatever point we get an opportunity to click pictures, we ought not stop for a second to do so in light of the fact that one day we’ll glance back at the days of yore and value the minutes we’ve gone through with our friends and family.”

Kinito Awomi
Photo: Kinito Awomi

What makes him unique?

Kinito Awomi is not the most famous nor is he the most generously compensated Photographer in the state.

However, what makes him so special for me is that, he never proceeded to take up any Photography classes (which the majority of the Photographers do) yet at the same time, he has figured out how to gain a living for himself, and he’s supporting himself with his own income.

His works

You can see Kinito’s works on his Instagram account and I should say, he has quite an exceptional skill as a Photographer who never went to a photography school or classes.

Kinito Awomi

Only 23, Kinito Awomi still has a long way to go and I wish he’ll turn into a man he always wanted to become.

Follow him

If you’re from Zunheboto, you can contact Kinito Awomi to get awesome pictures for yourself. He covers Weddings, Lifestyle, Events, Portraits and more.

Kinito Awomi

You can also support him by following him on Instagram and on Facebook.

Checkout some of his works

He has taken many awesome pictures and all that without taking up any Photography classes.

So far, he has covered more than 20 Weddings and has also been a part of some big events. During the lockdown, he has taken many portraits of people in and around Zunheboto Town.

If you see any Instagram model from Zunheboto uploading good pictures, chances are, he could’ve taken those pictures (lol).

Here are some of the samples taken by Kinito Awomi.

wedding ring


our nagaland



our nagaland

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