Longleng District – The land of clouds.

Longleng Nagaland

Longleng District, habitat of the Phom Tribe, is the smallest district in the state of Nagaland. It was formed as a result of bifurcation of Tuensang District.

Phom Naga

Longleng Town

It is bounded by Mon District in the East, Mokokchung District in the west, Sivasagar District (Assam) in the North and Tuensang District in the south. Longleng District is headquartered at Longleng Town. Longleng and Tamlu are the major towns of the district.


According to the official website of the district, the population stands at around 50,000.

Phom naga

How to reach

Longleng is well known for its courageous streets that are ideal for lengthy drives on SUVs and bike cruisers. The Longleng to Changtongya street is normally taken by experienced drivers to encounter unpleasant streets and to meet affable individuals en route. This street extends for 32 kilometers.

Dikhu River, Longleng District

Dikhu River


The Phom Nagas are into farming. The starting points of the Phoms can’t be very determined, yet from oral custom it tends to be derived that their inborn gathering also rose up out of stones, like the Ao Nagas. The Phom Nagas have for the most part changed over into Christianity and in this manner, are modernized to a huge degree. Be that as it may, during celebrations they can in any case be discovered wearing vihe-ashak or nempong-ashak, which are cloaks folded over the body.

Festivals in Longleng District

longleng district

Menfolk during the Monyu Festival

Monyu Festival that is praised to proclaim the summers is commended with much ceremony and flourish. It additionally says goodbye to the winters. It is a six-day undertaking held during the long stretch of April, directly in the wake of planting. Monyu is one of the principle celebrations of the Phom Nagas.

Longleng District is a bit of a rough zone having no fields and organized in the Northern Nagaland. Longleng District has different dazzling visiting, journeying, calculating, and trip spots to pull in travelers. It gives quietness, peaceful condition not in the slightest degree like unsettling influence of involved city life.


Places to visit in Longleng District

A part of the well known spots of intrigue are (a) Pongo Village (b) Bhumanyu Village. The Longleng town itself has incredible picturesque greatness. At the edges of Dikhu stream and Yongam River tehre are lots of get-away spot for calculating and picnicking. There are place which are helpful for rock inscriptions and of interest for ornithologists and further more for watching Tragopan winged animals. A couple of spots can be separate for rich educational exploration work for anthropologists. Traditional designing and old models give undeniable establishment of the past of Longleng and their lifestyle and custom.

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