Lolo Ezung, a girl living an examplary life

Lolo Ezung, whose real name is Lothunglo Ezung is a Lifestyle YouTuber from Wokha District. She was born in the town of Wokha on 3rd September 1995.

Lolo Ezung


Lolo Ezung studied at Grace School, Wokha and later joined Model Higher Secondary School in Kohima.

After completing her secondary education, she joined St. Joseph’s College, Jakhama where she completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Science.

She further went to Bangalore University and acquired the Master’s degree.

Lolo ezung

Her Work

As of August 3rd 2020, Lolo Ezung is a reputed YouTuber with more than 60k Subscribers. The numbers might change anytime given the fact that her channel is growing rapidly. Currently, she has over 3 Millions views on her channel. Her contents include Naga Lifestyle, Cooking, DIY, Tutorials and Shopping.

Lolo and Yangthy Imchen share similar contents and they’re both growing in number of subscribers very rapidly.

Some big names have featured on her channel like Shri. Imna Along and also a foreign Travel Vlogger, Backpacker Ben.

with Backpacker Ben
Lolo and Backpacker Ben

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Interview with Lolo Ezung

We got time to have a short conversation with her on Instagram. Let’s see what she has to say.

Question 1

Who are your favourite YouTuber or Vlogger?

Lolo Ezung: I’ve got tons. But my favs are Liziqi, Dianxi Xiaoge, Jen Im.

Among the Nagas: Dreamz Unlimited, Mr Smile, JPollnd.

Question 2

Who is that one YouTuber you wanna collaborate with?
Lolo Ezung: “Dreamz Unlimited

Question 3

Your favourite Singer/Rapper?
Lolo: Female -Ariana Grande, Camila Cabello.

Male -James Arthur, Jeremy Zucker.

I don’t listen to rap songs much.

Question 4

Do you face any difficulties while Vlogging?
Lolo: I’m not professional for sure. I’m an Amateur Vlogger . Most of the videos are taken by myself and sometimes with the help of my other family members.

Most of my work involves physical and all manual work so it gets difficult when my other members of the family are not around while shooting because they are not pro at this as well. And even if they are available I have to direct them because they are also new to this.

Moreover I’ve not upgraded with proper camera equipment and the phone storage are insufficient. These are some of the basic problems I face on a daily basis.

Question 5

Which is that one meanest comment you’ve got on your videos?
Lolo: “I never take negative comments Seriously.

And I don’t remember one.”

Question 6

Any suggestions/encouragement for those who are aspiring to be a YouTuber?
Lolo: For the aspiring Youtubers…

There are millions of people out there dying everyday out of hunger and are barely surviving. If you are from any of the northeastern states you are privileged. Considering myself as a Naga , there are tons of potentiality within our Land. If you have a job or holding any position already good for you. But if you are just another educated unemployed youth like me, go start doing something that you are good at. We are all gifted with something or the other. In this fast changing Modern world Youtube is such a huge platform with lots of opportunities. Let’s spread positivity and make this world a better place.

Lolo Ezung

Question 7

Will you take YouTube as a fulltime?
Lolo Ezung: “Youtube as a Career is difficult and I cannot depend on this as of now but at the same time I’m not planning to drop anytime soon.

This keeps me busy and helps me develop and create new ideas. I definitely need to find some other source for my financial stability but yes, this will go on. So you may consider it as full time as long as I’m alive and healthy.”

Question 8

Any message for your supporters from Lolo?
Lolo Ezung: “To all my Viewers and supporters a big Thank you for elevating and pushing me to do better everyday. This Modern world is already filled with hatred and jealousy. Let’s not make it worst by spreading negativity. Kindness is free. Let’s make this world a better place by encouraging and uplifting each other. thank you.”

Question 9

Anything you wanna say about Covid-19?
Lolo: “Let’s talk more about God and less of Corona Virus during this time of despair. As Christians, we must put our trust and faith in the Lord. Take this time and make yourself available for the Lord,your loved ones and also your yourself. Stay inside your home.”

Final Thoughts

Lolo Ezung is undoubtedly a talented lady. There’s nothing she can’t do and that is why for me she deserves even more recognition.

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