UG Meet and Greet held at Tetso College

After more than a year of college shutting down due to the pandemic, Tetso College witnessed an Undergraduate Meet and Greet.

Tetso College meet and greet

The program was held on the 10th of April with more than 2 thousand students attending the much anticipated program.

The Freshers’ Day program was already held last year, but it was done online and so the Students’ Council organised the on campus Meet and Greet.

This move by the Students’ Council of Tetso College was one of the most successful programs ever witnessed in the college campus.

Tetso College

The Freshers’ Day was divided in two sessions I.e, Formal and Informal.

Order of Formal Session

Mr. Keheinlumbe of B.A 4th Semester stared the formal session with his invocation prayer.

Welcome address was given by Ashim Mech of 6th semester, followed by VP Hewasa Lorin’s speech.

Tetso Music Club presented a melodious special number.

Alex Rio of B.A 6th shared his heartwarming experience at Tetso College and ended his talk with a selfie with everyone attending the program.

H. Margareth also performed a special song, followed by Nivi Zhimo giving the speech on behalf of freshers.

Chonben Kithan read out the vote of thanks and the formal session concluded with a benediction from Aketo Yepthomi.

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Informal Session

The informal session was delayed for sometime due to a bad weather. However, the program soon resumed and it was a massive success.

Freshers and the old students, all witnessed great dancing, singing, and more from some of the most talented individuals.

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