Merenla Imsong – Talented YouTuber and Comedienne

Merenla Imsong, also known as Miss Imsong,  is a stand-up comedienne as well as an actor who played the role of ‘Balamon’ in a popular Northeast Indian Movie “Axone“.

She uses her humour to tackle the harsh racism faced by the Northeast People as well as the socio-political issues in the state of Nagaland which in turn, has earned her numerous praises from fans all over the state.

Merenla Imsong says,

“Humour can bring about a positive effects to an individual’s body and mind and it can help us deal with difficult situations in life with ease.”

One must agree that she is one the wittiest YouTubers in Nagaland.

What makes Merenla Imsong special?

Merenla imsong

While everyone else creates contents that are sometimes baseless, she curates her videos in a way that they are not only short but also delivers the audience with much needed messages as well as a touch of satire.

Her YouTube channel M Imsong, has over 55k Subscribers and it is here where she displays her unique talents.

Making people burst into laughter is not everyone’s cup of tea but Imsong has been doing this for quite a long time now and she doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon.

Works that gained her fame

Her famous video titled, ‘Presumptuous chinky assumes the North Indian way‘ which has well over 300,000 views talks about the presumptions and discriminations faced by the Northeasterners and she portrayed herself as Pinky Singh in order to fight against racism by the Mainland Indians.

Another video titled, ‘ Mother India and the seven sisters (and Sikkim) gained a lot of views in no time.

Elections in Nagaland is not only a costly issue but also an agreement among voters and yearning delegates.

“How to nail an Election in Nagaland” is a satire of the degenerate political decision rehearses in Nagaland. 

Merenla Imsong also posts short videos on her Instagram Account. Be sure to check the out and laugh away your worries.

Miss Imsong

Miss Imsong’s utilization of humor as activism uncoveres hypocrisy and logical inconsistencies in our lives.

In doing such, she uncovers the separation, duplicities and sheer idiocies that are profoundly engrained in such a large number of us.

Her satirical videos fill in as a way of dealing with stress for a considerable lot of her watchers.

By evoking chuckling amidst the degenerate socio-world of politics, Miss Imsong’s comic videos on significant issues have proved to be so much helpful.

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