10 Naga YouTube Channels You Should Check Out

It is no secret that YouTube is one of the most popular and ever-growing social media platforms in the world. And it’s also not surprising to see many Naga YouTube Channels are on the rise.

Naga YouTube Channels

Useful information and relevant content can create credibility, even if it is just a short video that is engaging and instructive on YouTube. And I’m glad that today, we’re getting to know more about our culture through various Naga Youtube Channels.

Here are the 10 Naga YouTube Channels that you should definitely check out if you haven’t. Kindly note that the list is not based on popularity but just a random listing.

1. Jamir Vlogs

jamir vlogs

Lanulemba Jamir a.k.a Jamir Vlogs is a YouTuber from Unger Village, Mokokchung District.
He lives in Kohima, Nagaland and is inspiring people through his vlogs.
His contents ranges from Vlogging, Food Reviews to Travel videos.
He has successfully completed his Civil Engineering from Assam Downtown University.

Jamir shared his first video on 17th December, 2018 with little to no subscribers and today he has grown into a well know YouTuber in the state of Nagaland.

His famous video titled, “Life of a beggar in Nagaland” was a massive success earning him more than 400k views and it is so far the most watched video on his channel.

As of now, Jamir Vlogs has more than 100k subscribers on YouTube making him one of the most subscribed Naga YouTube Channels.

2. Yangthy Imchen

Naga YouTube Channels yangthy imchen

Yangthy Imchen, whose real name is Bendangyangerla Imchen is a YouTuber from Mokokchung District as well as a PhD Scholar in Sussex, United Kingdom.

Currently, she’s regularly working on her channel called “ Yangthy Imchen ” where she upload contents more than twice a week.

With well over 80k subscribers, she is one of the most subscribed female YouTubers in Nagaland. So far her videos have been viewed over 3 million times.

Her videos are mostly about Food, Naga Lifestyle, Devotional Services among few others.

She uploaded her first video on 20th. December, 2019 and is only growing in numbers since then.

She’s surely is turning out to be a favourite YouTuber in our state. (saying this based on social media engagements)

Both her and Lolo Ezung has a similar type of Channel i.e, showing us a glimpse of Naga lifestyle but they’re both unique in their own ways.

Also, don’t forget to check out Yangthy Imchen YouTube Channel

3. Merenla Imsong [ M Imsong ]

merenla imsong

Merenla Imsongalso known as Miss Imsong,  is a stand-up comedienne as well as an actor. She played the role of ‘Balamon’ in a popular Northeast Indian Movie “Axone”.

She uses her humour to tackle the harsh racism faced by the Northeast People as well as the socio-political issues in the state of Nagaland which in turn, has earned her numerous praises from fans all over the state.

While everyone else creates contents that are sometimes baseless, she curates her videos in a way that they are not only short but also delivers the audience with much needed messages as well as a touch of satire.

Her YouTube channel M Imsong, has over 66k Subscribers and it is here where she displays her unique talents.

Fun fact: You won’t see a single video on her channel where she has asked her viewers to subscribe.

4. Lolo Ezung

Lolo Ezung

As of 2021, Lolo Ezung is a reputed YouTuber with more than 58k Subscribers. The numbers might change anytime given the fact that her channel is growing rapidly. Currently, she has over 3 Millions views on her channel. Her contents include Naga Lifestyle, Cooking, DIY, Tutorials and Shopping.

Some big names have featured on her channel like Shri. Imna Along and also a foreign Travel Vlogger, Backpacker Ben.

Lolo Ezung’s Youtube Channel.

5. Aron Asumi

Naga YouTube Channels Aron Asumi

Aron Asumi is a Musician, Composer, YouTuber, Photographer and a Music Teacher as well.

He has a YouTube Channel with over 48 Thousand Subscribers and well over 6 Million Views where he features the upcoming local singers, musicians, travel contents about the various towns and villages in and around Nagaland.

He is also updating the denizens of Zunheboto with the updates of Sumi Baptist Church, Zunheboto through his channel because the normal programmes cannot be held due to the pandemic.

6. JPollnd


Pauheikobe Putlang, prominently known as JPollnd is a YouTuber from Peren District.

He is currently running a YouTube channel which has well over 51k Subscribers as of now.

In my opinion, he is Nagaland’s very own PewDiePie because of his ability to put in sarcasm, witty one liners in any situation and he is also a good rapper and an entertainer. (I started loving his contents when I saw his reaction video on Tetseo Sisters’ Cover, more like a parody).

7. Achano Tsopoe

Achano Tsopoe

Achano Tsopoe is another Naga YouTuber who does social experiments and vlogging on her channel.

Currently, Achano Tsopoe has over 30k subscribers and her videos have been viewed over 1 Million times.

Check out Achano’s Channel.

8. Kents Vlog

Kents Vlog

This Naga YouTuber is so strong that 5 king chillies can’t harm him. Kents Vlog is the fastest growing YouTuber in the state of Nagaland. At the time of writing this post, he has 70 thousand subscribers.

A video of him eating ‘Snail in a Naga Style‘ has more than 2.6 million views. Which easily makes him one of the most watched Naga Youtube Channels.

Kents Vlog YouTube Channel.

9. The Yatra Kid

The Yatra Kid

Much similar to Jamir Vlogs, The Yatra Kid ( Tiapong Tzudir) is another rising Vlogger from Dimapur.

Currently, he has 52k subscribers on his channel and over 3 million overall views. He definitely is one of the rising Naga YouTubers that you should keep an eye on.

He is also one of the most fashionable YouTubers out there. Tiapong Tzudir has also collaborated with the likes of Jamir Vlogs ( Lanulemba Jamie) and Yangthy Imchen.

10. Naga Manu Production

Naga Manu Production

The Naga Manu Production is one such YouTuber that you should definitely check. He posts video about the latest events happening in Nagaland.

Before October 2019, every video on his channel was made only with his mobile phone. Hence, the name Naga Manu Laga Phone Production which later changed to his present Channel name.

Honourable Mentions

Not just 10 but there are many other Naga YouTube Channels, established as well as who are just starting out.

Channels like Aien Amri, TaLee, Lambu and Skinny, Pinnacle Unscripted deserve a much needed recognition.

Our Nagaland too has a YouTube channel by the way xdxd.

So this is my collection of 10 Naga YouTube Channels that you should check out.

I’ve ignored the likes of DU, Mr. Smile, Alobo Naga, and several others on purpose. They’re all either established or run by a group and not by an individual.

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