Places to visit in Peren District

Peren is the second youngest district in Nagaland. The occupants of this district have protected the backwoods strictly which makes it one of greatest attractions in the state.

It is bordered by Assam and Dimapur on the west, region of Kohima in the east and the province of Manipur on the south. The town of Peren which is likewise the area headquarter is a heaven for the nature darlings.
The town which is situated on a slope top, offer a flying creature’s eye perspective on the neighboring states of Assam and Manipur.


There are many tourists attractions in the district, here are some of them.

1. Mt. Paona


Mt. Paona is one of the hotspots for vacationers coming to Peren region. The pinnacle that is found 35 km from the town stands magnificently along the Benreu extend and is the third most elevated peak in Nagaland. It offers a grand perspective on the valley underneath where you will observer lavish green woods spread, something Nagaland is known for. This spot is just 6 km from the Benreu town another mainstream traveler goal and numerous individuals take the bold journeying course to this pinnacle.
Here you will go over a wide assortment of plant species including Rhododendrons, Orchids and furthermore witness various feathered creatures and creatures, for example, Mithun in their regular living space. Around the top there are additionally a few man-made stone monuments cut by local people over hundreds of years which have stood the trial of time. Remember to drink some water from the common water springs to have a genuine gutsy encounter.

2. Ntangki National Park

Places to visit in peren

Found 40 km from the town of Peren and around 37 km from Dimapur is the Ntangki National Park otherwise called the Intanki by many. Spread over a separation of 200 sq km, this park was built up by the British chairmen in the year 1923.

Thought about extraordinary compared to other National Parks in the North East, it has thick downpour woods which makes normal environment for some fowls, reptiles and well evolved creatures. Mountains, precipices and thick timberlands make it an extraordinary spot for outdoors and different bold exercises.

Here in this National Park you can see wild bison (mithun) and hoolok gibbon which is discovered uniquely in Nagaland. Aside from this the recreation center additionally brags of tigers, sloth bear, wild canines and flying squirrels, making it an absolute necessity visit spot for any traveler resulting in these present circumstances area. The virgin idea of the recreation center adds a ton to its excellence.

3. Benreu Village


Benreu is a rich cultural village in the territory of Nagaland. It is roosted at a height of 1,950 meters above ocean level.

The village is a centre for ethnic travel industry. 20 percent of the population is animist. In Benreu, there is an endeavour to save the jeopardised ancestral culture of Nagaland. The encompassing woods has large amounts of widely varied vegetation. One of the neighborhood culinary claims to fame is the Kennie Nku Bread. It is produced using clingy rice, cooked over a warmed stone furnace.

4. Caves at Puilwa Village

Puilwa caves

The caves at the Puilwa village in Peren are significant for the individuals of Puilwa, and they hold this near their heart. Situated a ways off of 30 km from the town of Peren, this is the place the well known progressive Rani Gaidinliu sought total isolation during her rebel against the British principle. From that point forward, this spot has become such a legend for the Naga individuals. After autonomy, A.Z Phizo did his battle for the Naga personality from these caverns.
You can investigate these caves in a steady progression for the duration of the day and their normal excellence will flabbergast you. The individuals of the Puilwa village are exceptionally warm and here you can likewise experience their lives and culture.

5. Tening Village


Tening village is situated in Tening Sub-division of Peren region in Nagaland, India. It is 1km away from sub-region headquarter Tening and 52km away from locale headquarter
Peren. It has a population of 622 peoples. There are around 103 houses in Tening Village. Peren is the closest town which is roughly 52km away.
It is a scenic spot with lush green forests covering the entire village and a perfect place for tourists to explore the unexplored region.

How to reach

By Road

Peren is very much associated with Dimapur and the state capital Kohima by street which opens it to the remainder of the world. While Dimapur, found 77 kilometers from the town Kohima is located 139 kilometers away. Nagaland State Transport buses and taxis associate Peren to these two spots.

By Rail

There are no railroad stations in the area of Peren. Dimapur Railway Station which is located 77 kilometers away and fills in as a significant link to the remainder of the nation. Every day trains interface this station with urban areas like Guwahati, Kolkata and New Delhi. Transports are effectively accessible from the station to the town.

By Air

There is no air terminal in the town of Peren. Dimapur Airport fills in as the ideal entryway to this spot and is found 71 kilometers from the town. This airport is connected by every day trips to Guwahati and Kolkata. Transports and taxicabs are effectively accessible from this air terminal to Peren.

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