Is there a Scope for Naga Bloggers?

There are a handful of Naga Bloggers earning a considerable amount of money from blogging alone and some of them have chosen blogging as their career.

Is there a scope for Blogging in Nagaland?

Hi there, welcome to Our Nagaland and today I’ll be talking about the scope of Blogging as a career in Nagaland and I’ll also be teaching you how to start a blog.  To be perfectly honest, our state has so many opportunities but we have always failed to grab those free opportunities. But now everything has changed after the emergence of Jio as well as the cheap internet rates, the demands for contents related to Nagaland have increased but the internet does not have so much information to offer about our state and I believe it’s us who can provide the interested people about our culture, our food and many more.

How to start a blog you ask?

Well, there are many blogs which will tell you how to How to start a blog just like I’m doing right now but their contents are lengthy and often disappoints the readers halfway through the articles so I’ll try to keep it as simple as I can and help you start your blogging journey.

  1. Selecting a niche that you’re familiar with.

  2. Choose any blogging platform that you like.

  3. A perfect domain name

  4. An affordable web hosting

  5. Creating your blog with WordPress

  6. Getting a suitable theme and design

  7. Publish contents and promote your blog

  8. Earn through blogging

A quick guide

You have to keep in mind that you do not become a successful blogger overnight and you have to work hard, create unique contents, etc to actually start earning money.

Naga Bloggers

1. Selecting a niche that you’re familiar with

So what is a niche? 

A niche is simply a topic for a blog that you will be focusing on. For eg; If you have a good knowledge about ‘Football’ you can start a blog on Football Niche.

But since we’re talking about Nagaland, let’s just see the Niches related to Nagaland. They’re lots of them available for you to start but let me give you some of the examples, Nagaland Tourism, Nagaland GK, Nagaland News, History of Nagaland or just write articles about Local Celebrities in the state since they do not have a Wikipedia article about them so it will boost your traffic.

So far I have seen any Naga Bloggers talking writing contents about some local stars such as Alobo Naga, Zuchobeni Tungoe among many others.

2. Choose a Blogging platform that you like

There are many of platforms which you can you use to start blogging most notably, Blogger and WordPress but I personally like WordPress because of its functionality. Also, Most of the Naga bloggers I know use WordPress.

All you have to do is, sign up for WordPress. It’s as simple as that.

How much does it cost to start a blog?

It won’t cost you a penny if you’re gonna use a free plan without a domain name but it’s better and looks more professional with your own domain name.

3. Buy a domain name

In order to run a blog with your own domain like you have to buy one from Domain Registrars and I would suggest you to get one from GoDaddy because they provide the domains at the cheapest price.

4. Choose a web hosting

To store all the data from you blog, you need a fast and secure web hosting. Since you’re just starting fresh you do not want to spend your fortune on hosting alone so I will suggest you the website that offers the cheapest hosting.

It’s called AwardSpace where you’ll get a Web hosting for just $0.90 or Rs. 70 for a year. Other websites won’t offer you anything like this and it makes them the best cheap option for you to choose.

5. Creating your blog with WordPress

Go to your hosting provider’s cPanel and install WordPress and fill in your username and password which you’ll use to edit and manage your blog. After this, you have to choose the theme based on your preference.

6. Getting a suitable theme and design

After logging in to your WordPress Admin Dashboard, Go To > Appearance > Themes > Add New and choose the one that you think is best for your blog.

I am using OceanWP at the moment.

Add plugins such as Yoast SEO, Jetpack, Contact Form7, etc to rank your posts on Search Engines.

7. Publish contents and promote your blog

As soon as you’ve set up your blog, start write your articles. Eg, if you’ve chosen a Nagaland Tourism niche, start posting about Places to visit in Nagaland, Tourist attractions, National Parks and so on.

Choose the right Keywords to get organic visitors.

Note that coping other people’s articles and posting on your blog is illegal and you will have no visitors to read your contents. Many Naga Bloggers have failed only because of this single reason. Be aware of plagiarism!

8. Earn money through Blogging

To start earning through blogging, you not only need unique contents but you also need atleast 100 visitors per month.

You can run ads on your blog or add Affiliate Marketing links to earn the way you want.

Important Notice:

Be informed that I did not discussed anything in detail because I wanted to keep the content short and simple.

Also, my blog niche is not about Blogging or SEO so I cannot write much about it because it can seriously have adverse effects on my blog traffic.

If you need a detailed informations to start a blog I will share the the most trusted links down below.

The Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Blog in 2020

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