Sunep Lemtur – The Man Delivering Massive Successes

Sunep Lemtur is a singer and a song writer from Dimapur. He has constantly delivered massive songs on his YouTube Channel.

He grew up listening to the classic songs and always wanted to be the kind of singer he is today.

His songs are addictive and catchy and today, Sunep is a household name in Nagaland.

Sunep Lemtur

Life, Works and Education

He is currently living in the city of Dimapur and He belongs to the Ao Naga Tribe.

His date of birth according to his Facebook account is 23rd of June.


In his early life, Sunep Lemtur studied at Zion School. A high school located at Tuli Town, in the district of Mokokchung.

Later on, he moved to Dimapur to continue with his higher studies at Sakus Mission College.

Sunep Lemtur

Sunep Lemtur’s Works

He has a YouTube Channel which has well over 60k Subscribers at the time of writing. But the figures will soon change because his channel is rapidly growing thanks to the contents that he is creating.

Mintu Loves Pinky

His video titled, ” Mintu Loves Pinky ” has more than 2 Million views. A Nagamese comedy love song, is one of the most viewed videos ever uploaded by a Naga YouTuber.

Mintu Loves Pinky

The song is so good and I bet there’s not a single person in Nagaland who doesn’t know about the song. Everywhere you go, you’ll see people singing the song out loud. It is not only a love song but it has become a part of our lives I must say…

Mintu Loves Pinky is also the first Nagamese song to hit 1 Million views. Not only the song but the cinematography also deserve much credits. It’s Bollywood touch makes it so unique and appealing to the viewers.

Not forgetting the contributions of Mhale Keditsu others in the video. Kudos to the guys for giving us one of the best Nagamese songs of this generation.


Sunep Lemtur’s ” Antivirus ” is another masterpiece accompanied by the likes of Imkongchuba and Ariensa of Dreamz Unlimited. With the presence of the duo, the comedic level increases to the highest level.

The song is basically an awareness to make people stay at home, safe and sound. The pandemic stressed everyone out but they still managed to entertain us.

Ayo To Technology

sunep lemtur

Ayo Yo Technology is another song that Sunep Lemtur uploaded alongside Kunotolly Sumi. This is another comedy song but with a message.

The song reflects the ill impacts of technology on the present population.

Other Songs and Videos

Even though I’ve only mentioned 3 songs, he still has so many awesome songs which you will get on his channel.

These include;

  • Temekong Aonung Ka
  • Akumlinung
  • Warriors of Sand

And the most recent video, The Jongkol Rani feat. Naga Superman.

Final Thoughts

You can follow Sunep Lemtur on Instagram and Facebook and also kindly subscribe to his Channel.

There’s no doubt that Sunep Lemtur has become one of the best Nagamese singers of this generation. Hopefully, we can see more artists like him in the future.

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