TS Geneses, Rapper From Kohima Aiming For Success

ts geneses

TS Geneses is an established Rapper and song writer from Kohima who has been rapping and writing songs from a very young age. He performs a unique form of rap which makes him special.

ts geneses
TS Geneses performing.

Is TS Geneses managed by a label?

Yes, he is managed by a label called Naga Twist Productions and has produced some hit songs.

Date of Birth and Education

TS Geneses was born on 13th September, 1996. He is currently studying in Mount Olive College, Kohima and is looking to appear his final year exam.

His works

ts geneses

Influence by the art of Eminem, 2Pac and Ice Cube, he has released a handful of songs along with Naga Twist as well as on his YouTube Channel. These songs received praises from fans all over the state and we’ll be waiting for more of his songs to be released soon.

His song, “Death Row” is one of his most viewed songs where he collaborated with M-Dox and Big Dane and showed us how talented he is.

Twi by TS Geneses, a nagamese music video is also one to watch.

So far, has uploaded 2 videos on his YouTube Channel and has around 70k views.

The artiste grew up being influence by the art of poetry around his midst which he further developed it into his own unique form of rap.

His participation in “Nagaland`s Finest Rap Cypher” helped him in garnering a large fan base.

nagaland's finest rap cypher
With Big Dane, Moko Koza, NV and LC Sekhose.

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Interview with TS Geneses

I had a conversation with him on Instagram where I asked him some questions and he was more than happy to answer my questions.

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Let’s see what we talked about!

Q. What’s your date of birth and where did you studied?
A. 13sep 1996
I’m waiting to give final year exam at Mount Olive College..

Q. When did you start rapping?

A. I started rapping when was in 9th standard.

Q. Who do you wanna collaborate with?
A. I don’t know actually, no plans yet.?

Q. Who inspires you the most?
A. 2pac, Ice Cube and Eminem has inspired me so much.

Q. Do you face difficulties while making music?
A. Sometimes but basically, I enjoy lot.

Q. How do you react when someone criticize you?
A. To be honest, I don’t care much about people criticizing me. Their hate allows me to work even harder.

Q. You have a YouTube channel and you perform a lot so how much do you earn monthly?
A. Let’s keep that confidential. ?

Q. Would you like to say something to your followers and fans?
A. Just focus and understand what you doing. And keep supporting me by subscribing to my channel that’ll be helpful.

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