Wake up Nagaland


This is really saddening to know that our state Nagaland has gone from good to worst in a few days time.
This pandemic is actually a question and also an answer to the general public. To see the capabilities of our Govt, the lacking, the negative impact of governing inappropriately and lots more. It showed the true colour of our present Govt.
They are doing what they can but they are not doing enough.


Why is that so?

It is all because they don’t want to hear the pleas, the demands and genuine constructive suggestions of the public.
If at all they come down from their Paradise and bow not only during elections but even during such crisis and listen to the advices and good suggestions suggested by the public and those right thinkers. There won’t be this much panic in our state.
For the very well being of the state and also to ensure that it’s still a democratic state. The Govt must acknowledge the voices of the public, those right thinkers, etc.

Dimapur Nagaland





How can we change Nagaland?

Change is only possible when there is unity and co-operation from both sides. That is the Public and the Govt.
Thus, it’s a request to please listen to the public and take their general acknowledgment before making or taking any actions which is for the welfare of the public.

For if the public have no idea what good you are doing how can we see the good side of it. For there is no transparency and no voice of the public in decisions taken except for some few people who are in power.

Who are suffering in our state?

Moreover, the present Lockdown scenario is actually not helping the public but proving out to be a curse upon the middle class and the poor class society.

There is a saying that only a poor person can understand the problems faced by the poor or only those who can be in other’s shoes can understand it. Thus, being a common man and a citizen of Nagaland. I somehow understands the problems faced by the general public more than what those in power will be able to feel and experience.

So, in this regard it is a genuine plea to the concern authorities to understand the very concept of the procedures of implying lockdowns since you all know more than us. That who suffers most in the end of the day. It is the middle class and the poor class that faces all the problems for which it will be really good if those in power and authority can come with a genuine setup of laws and order during the pandemic which all citizens will be able to abide. Following the safety measures and the protocols for which one can be safe from the virus.

Deserted street
A deserted street in Dimapur

As we all have seen so many procedures and ways to tackle the virus looking at different tactics utilized by differnt countries, states, etc. Without having to impose total lockdowns containing the lives of the general public in a cage where it will be very difficult to survive in the later part of days. As almost a portion of the General public are daily wage earners, who needs to earn money on a day to day basis for survival and to provide the needs of the family or for one’s survival. Thus, the lockdowns has made them incapable though they are capable and left no source of income to earn for their day to day needs for which in later part of the day’s or years to come more problems will arise which will be worst than the current pandemic.

Taking into consideration about the time limit for labour in Dimapur. How can a labourer earn enough money to sustain his life just in a limited time with transportation problems, unavailable of income, fooding, etc.

What next?

Therefore, the Govt of our state should come up with a strategy because the public are facing hardships with no income on top of that the lockdown is making their survival a living hell.
It is also learned that most of villages colonies across Nagaland is coming up with their own laws and timings of lockdown either verbally or by their village Council letter pads.

The villages being a recognised village, where Council Comes under the purview of District adminstration. The administration should take strict action by taking actions against those who are disrespecting the Govt order but are imposing lockdown in a self style manner which are making lives more miserable.

I know and believe that if the Govt of Nagaland truly cares for its people than they will take in consideration the voice of the public.

Hoping for a better Nagaland.

Meren Pongen

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